Our Board of Directors

Cecile Andrews is an educator in Santa Cruz, CA, and the author of several books including Circle of Simplicity and The Living Room Revolution.

Dawna Ballard is an expert in chronemics and teaches at The University of Texas Moody School of Communications. She researches what drives our pace of life.

Laurie Brednich is director of Human Resources at GoDaddy.com

Larry Cotton is a filmmaker, writer and historian in Portland, OR.

David Crockett studies consumer behavior and teaches marketing at the Moore School of International Business at the University of South Carolina

Isa Fernandez, MPA, is a sociologist, public administrator and activist in San Antonio, Texas.

Nanette Fondas writes frequently on issues of work-family balance, has taught at Harvard, Duke and the University of California and is the co-author of THE CUSTOM-FIT WORKPLACE

Rebecca Gould teaches Comparative Religion and Environmental Studies at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Betsy Hedberg is a career counselor and former middle-school teacher in Denver, Colorado

Richard Hobbs is an attorney and Executive Director of Human Agenda, a non-profit community organization in San Jose, California.

Camille Hoheb is the director of Wellness Tourism Worldwide, based in Los Angeles, and the author of Work Without End and Free Time.

Benjamin Hunnicutt teaches leisure studies at the University of Iowa and is the author of WORK WITHOUT END and FREE TIME

Daniel Kinderman teaches Political Science at the University of Delaware.

Robert Levine teaches psychology at California State University, Fresno and is the author of THE GEOGRAPHY OF TIME and THE POWER OF PERSUASION

Caroline Li is a social media expert and writer in Seattle.

Alison Link is the director of The Leisure Link, a work-life balance think tank in Boston.

Cathy O'Keefe is professor emeritus of recreation and leisure studies at the University of South Alabama

Crystal Place is a producer, filmmaker, certified Laughter Yoga teacher and Post Production Operations Manager for Media Arts Lab, residing in Los Angeles, California.

Nancy Parkes teaches Sustainability and Creative Writing at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.

Tracy Patton is an IT professional and writer in Seattle.

Danna Quinn is the founder of logoffvacation.com and has worked in the travel and hospitality industry for many years

Joe Robinson is a work-life balance trainer in Santa Monica, CA, and the author of Work to Live and Don't Miss Your Life!

Jerome Segal is a philosopher and teaches Public Policy at the University of Maryland and author of Graceful Simplicity.

Nichole Shippen teaches Political Science at La Guardia Community College in Queens, NY, and is the author of Decolonizing Time.

Kelley Smith is an economist in Oklahoma City.

Judy Turnipseed is a community activist in Columbia, SC.

Tom Turnipseed is a civil rights attorney and former State Senator in Columbia, SC.

Annmarie Widener teaches Gender Studies at Georgetown University and also works at Walter Reed Medical Center. She is the author of Sharing the Caring.

Maureen Wilt teaches Social Work at the University of Central Missouri.

Greg Wright is a writer and community activist in Los Angeles.

Valerie Young is a Public Policy Analyst with expertise on the economic impact of care and unpaid domestic labor. She promotes gender equity at Mom-mentum and The Caring Economy Campaign.

Deborah Ziegler teaches Sociology at Austin Community College in Texas.