How Donations Help Our Work

  • Take Back Your Time is the only organization committed to raising awareness and creating a national dialogue to help businesses, media and workers understand why more time off and longer vacations can improve health, well-being, satisfaction, productivity and creativity - a situation that benefits both businesses and workers.

  • To that end, we act as a clearinghouse for best practice ideas, corporate testimonies, research and other information supporting the value of time off. For more than a decade, we have been the "go to" organization for the media in addressing these issues.

  • We also work to establish policy change to help achieve a shift to a less harried, more time-affluent life. Primarily focused on the United States and Canada, we have developed some broad policy ideas — all taken for granted in many other countries — that speak to the dire need for time poverty relief.

  • Not intended as political bills, these policy recommendations are instead meant to encourage legislators to take these ideas and design specific legislation around them to win more free time for Americans.

  • Our goal is to bring the United States up to the standards already in place in all other industrial countries, thereby creating more jobs and improving our health, relationships, community life and environment.

  • Our continuation depends on your support and your financial contributions. Our overhead is small, so more of your donations go directly to addressing time poverty and the value of time off.