Schedule at a Glance

Take Back Your Time Conference 2016

Schedule at a Glance

August 25th to August 27th, 2016

Seattle University

Seattle, Washington

Our Partners

Seattle University Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Seattle University Albers School of Business

ParentMap Magazine

Sustainable Seattle

The Happiness Alliance

Take Back Your Time Conference Schedule

*Board Members

Thursday August 25

9:00am BusTrip (meet at parking area at 12th and Marion Streets) Mt. Rainier

10:00 Happiness Alliance Training Laura Musikanski

6:30pm Registration Campion Ballroom

7:00 Welcome April Atwood

7:15 Keynote: Investing Our Time in Tomorrow Gov. John Kitzhaber

8:00 Reception Socializing & Networking (no-host bar)

Friday August 26

8:45am Welcome Cecile Andrews Pigott Auditorium

9:00 Conference Introduction John de Graaf

9:30 Becoming a Citizen Activist Nick Licata

10:00 How a Fall from Grace Brought a Graceful Relationship with Time Cylvia Hayes

10:30 Break Book Sales in P106

11:00 The Vacation Equality Project and Lessons Learned Taylor L. Cole

11:30 Insights from Abroad Tricia Alach

12:00pm Film Clip Where to Invade Next

12:15 Lunch Break Book Sales in P106

1:30 Workshops Pigott Hall

  1. Time & Happiness P101
    1. Laura Musikanski – Time Balance and Happiness
    2. Robert Levine* – Time and Quality of Life Across Cultures
    3. Cylvia Hayes – Measuring what Matters
  2. Progress Towards Paid Leave: Here & Abroad P102
    1. Marilyn Watkins – The Fight for Family and Sick Leave in Washington
    2. Jenya Cassidy – California's Paid Family and Sick Leave Successes
    3. John de Graaf* – Best Practices from Europe
  3. Time for Parks & Nature P107
    1. Randy Burtz – Nature Deficits and Children's Needs
    2. Alfred Runte – Leisure and the National Parks
    3. Lylianna Allala – Urban Parks: Where Nature & Community Meet
  4. Vacation & Other Time Changes P105
    1. Jasmine Goodnow – Slow Travel and Micro-Adventure
    2. Karin de Weille – Choosing Time to Be Creative
    3. Danna Quinn* – Vacations as Lifestyle Change
  5. Time, Stress, & Health P108
    1. Stephen Bezruchka – Stress and Health: Value of Vitamin Green
    2. Jacob Barkley – Smartphone Stress
    3. Karen Holler – Overwork in the Health Professions

  1. The Impact of Technology P109
    1. David Levy – No Time to Think
    2. Barbara Brock – Wean the Screens
    3. Andrew Lepp –The Chronovore in Your Pocket
  2. Time & Our Choices P103
    1. Sharon Cunnington – If You Only Had Six More Years
    2. Ashley Whillans – Time or Money?
    3. Paul Cunnington – The Time and Money Tradeoff

3:00 Coffee Break Book Sales in P103

3:30 Workshops Pigott Hall

  1. Towards Shorter Work-Time–Best Practices & New Developments P100
    1. Bill McGaughey – Creating a Campaign for a 32-hour Workweek
    2. Lonnie Golden – New Trends in Overtime and "Flexibility"
    3. Charles Siegel – Berkeley's Right to Request Law
    4. Greg Wright* – Time to Vote: The New 'American Election Weekend'
  2. Working with Policy Makers P101
    1. Gael Tarleton – An Omnibus Bill for Quality Jobs
    2. Nick Licata – Do Your Homework
    3. Brian Derdowski – Perverse Incentives
  3. Time to Learn P108
    1. Steve Nesich – The Fight for Recess in Public Schools
    2. Rebecca Gould – Trading Tenure for Time
    3. Tara Bracco – Time for the Arts
  4. Creating Community Conversations P107
    1. Cecile Andrews* – Time to Talk: Study Circles & Conversations,
    2. Chris Ryba and Aziza Seykota – Using Meetup to Organize
    3. Natalie Singer-Velush – The ParentMap story
  5. Promoting & Teaching About Take Back Your Time Issues P109
    1. Maureen Wilt* – Creating Effective TBYT Day Celebrations on Campus
    2. Richard Hobbs* – Creating Community TBYT Day Events
    3. Dawna Ballard* – Teaching about Time
    4. Jessica DeGroot – Creating Partners in Change
  6. Time & Sustainability P105
    1. Dan Aronson – Time, Labor, and the Environment
    2. Sharon Siehl – Time to Garden, Time to Cook
    3. BJ Cummings – Time and Sustainability in Non-profit Organizations

5:00 Dinner Break

6:30 Films Screenagers/Great Vacation Squeeze

Saturday August 27

8:45am Welcome John de Graaf Pigott Auditorium

9:00 Recharging in a World of Attention Deficit Joe Robinson*

9:30 Why Time Brings More Happiness Than Money Ashley Whillans

10:00 Pecha Kucha-Style Presentations

TBYT Day at The University of Central Missouri Maureen Wilt

What Happiness Data Shows About Time BalanceLaura Musikanski

10:20 Coffee Break

11:00 America's Founders and Others on Leisure Charles Sylvester

11:30 The ROI of Workplace Humanity and Compassion Barbara Fagan-Smith

12:00pm Finding Time: How a Hidden Mythology Shapes Our Lives Dawna Ballard*

12:30 Lunch Break

2:00 Workshops Pigott Hall

  1. Cultural Perspectives on Time P100
    1. Robert Levine* – Planning Long Term: A Case Study in Human Illogic
    2. Isa Fernandez* – One Latina's Evolving Perspective on Time
    3. Rachael Lewis – Millennial Values
  2. Time and Social Justice P101
    1. Richard Hobbs* – The Use of Time in the Next System
    2. Philippe Boucher – Parity for Temps and Part-timers
    3. Rebecca Gould* – Sabbath as an Act of Radical Resistance
  3. Personal Transformation P102
    1. Hoai Huong Tran – Fighting Your Time Bandits
    2. Vicki Robin – Personal Resilience and Resourcefulness
    3. Derek Tennant – On Being a Conscious Consumer of Time and Energy
  4. Time in the Autumn of Life P105
    1. Cecile Andrews* – Boomer Time! Building an Elder Culture
    2. Robby Stern – Making Retirement Security Real for Everyone
    3. Cathy O'Keefe* – What Matters in Our Last Days?
  5. Changing the Business Culture P106
    1. Tricia Alach – Time for change? Cultivating new workplace cultures
    2. Joe Robinson* – Using Business to Convince Businesses Vacations Are Good Business
    3. Barbara Fagan-Smith – Why Time Off Works for My Company
  6. The Value of Vacation P107
    1. Bill Norman – Vacations as a Multiphase Experience
    2. Kurt Kutay – The Transformational Power of Adventure Travel
    3. Michael Bade – Respectful Travel and Tourism

3:30 Coffee Break

4:00 Building a Movement Brainstorming Sessions P105, P107, P108, P109

5:15 Session Reports Piggott Auditorium

6:00 Conference End

Sunday August 28

9:00am Take Back Your Time Board Meeting P100

Our Speakers

Tricia Alach is a consultant and life coach who has worked in New Zealand, the United States, the UK and the Netherlands

Lylianna Allala is Program Manager of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at the Environmental Leadership Program and Chair of Seattle Parks District Oversight Committee

Dr. Cecile Andrews* is the Board Chair of Take Back Your Time and author of Circle of Simplicity, Less is More and The Living Room Revolution

Dan Aronson teaches economics at Raritan Valley College in New Jersey

Dr. April Atwood teaches sustainable business and marketing at the Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University

Michael Bade is co-owner of Bade tours, a small travel company that was inspired by years of humanitarian work in Southeast Asia and video producing around the world

Dr. Dawna Ballard* isan expert in chronemics and teaches in the Moody College of Communication at The University of Texas. She researches what drives our pace of life

Dr. Jacob Barkley teaches at Kent State University and recently conducted an in-depth study of cell phone use and health

Stephen Bezruchka, MD, MPH, is a former emergency room physician and teaches at the University of Washington School of Public Health

Philippe Boucher was formerly a tobacco control advocate where he learned many of the tools and strategies he is now using as a union organizer and a temporary worker himself

Tara Bracco is the founder of Poetic People Power, and the co-founder of the international non-profit The Project Solution, which serves 15,000 people in 11 countries

Dr. Barbara Brock is emeritus professor of recreation at Eastern Washington University

Dr. Randy Burtz teaches community and outdoor recreation at Western Washington University. His work has included studies for the National Park Service and Forest Service

Jenya Cassidy is the executive director of the California Work and Family Coalition

Taylor Cole is the public relations director of, an Expedia Inc. company

BJ Cummings is an author, mom, activist and the executive director of Sustainable Seattle

Paul Cunnington, aka The Unintentional Economist, is a Fortune 500 executive turned entrepreneur, who now runs several companies.

Sharon Cunnington is an entrepreneur, inventor, real estate instructor and investor who learned the value of time and what really matters when success but also, stress, mounted

John de Graaf* is President of Take Back Your Time and co-author of Affluenza and What's the Economy for, Anyway?

Jessica DeGroot, a Wharton School MBA, is founder of ThirdPath Institute, a national nonprofit helping people create integrated lives that support success at work and in life

Brian Derdowski is President of Public Interest Associates, and served three terms on the King County Council in Washington State

Barbara Fagan-Smith is the CEO of ROI Communications, a marketing firm with large corporate clients such as Toyota, and is a former producer for ABC

Isa Fernandez* is a public administrator with the Edwards Aquifer Agency in San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Lonnie Golden teaches Economics and Labor-Employment Relations at Penn State University, Abington. He researches work hours in the US labor market and well-being

Dr. Jasmine M. Goodnow teaches Recreation/Ecotourism at Western Washington University

Dr. Rebecca Gould* teaches Environmental and Religious Studies at Middlebury College

Cylvia Hayes is president of 3EStrategies, a new economy consulting firm, and former First Lady of Oregon

Richard Hobbs* is an immigration attorney in San Jose, California, a former Human Rights director for Santa Clara County and the executive director and founder of Human Agenda

Karen Holler works as a cardiopulmonary therapist and pulmonary function technician in Charlottesville, Virginia, and has been in health care since 1980

John Kitzhaber is a physician and former state legislator elected to four terms as governor of Oregon

Kurt Kutay is President of Wildland Adventures, a Seattle-based adventure travel company and hold a graduate degree from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources

Dr. Andrew Lepp teaches at Kent State University and recently conducted an in-depth study of cell phone use and health

Dr. Robert Levine* teaches psychology at California State University, Fresno, and is the author of A Geography of Time

Dr. David Levy worked for many years for the Xerox Corporation and now teaches in the University of Washington Information School

Rachael Lewis is a recent Western Washington University graduate and Outreach Director for Take Back Your Time

Nick Licata is a former member of the Seattle City Council and author of Becoming a Citizen Activist

Bill McGaughey is a shorter work-time activist and co-author of Nonfinancial Economics with the late Senator Eugene McCarthy

Laura Musikanski, JD, MBA, is the executive director of the Happiness Alliance and former executive director of Sustainable Seattle

Steve Nesich is an education activist and Development Director of Take Back Your Time

Dr. Bill Norman teaches recreation and tourism at Clemson University

Cathy O'Keefe* is a retired University of South Alabama faculty member, and works with L'Arche, a federation of caring communities for people with intellectual disabilities

Danna Quinn* worked for many years with Marriott International and now runs her own company, LogOff Vacation

Vicki Robin is co-author of the million-seller Your Money or Your Life and author of Blessing the Hands that Feed Us: Lessons from a 10-Mile Diet

Joe Robinson* is a work-life balance consultant for large corporations and author of Work to Live and Don't Miss Your Life

Dr. Alfred Runte isan environmental historian and author of National Parks: The American Experience. He was featured in Ken Burns' acclaimed National Parks series on PBS

Chris Ryba is a former Boeing Engineer and Co-founder of The Simplicity Project, a community group promoting the values of intentional living, simplicity, and minimalism

Aziza Seykota is a Systems Specialist at The Gottman Institute and Co-founder of The Simplicity Project

Charles Siegel led the campaign for a successful right to request initiative in Berkeley, California. He is author of The Politics of Simple Living

Sharon Siehl is the Garden Program Director for Seattle Tilth, a non-profit organization supporting local sustainable food production

Robby Stern worked for many years for the Washington State Labor Council and has been president of the Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action since 2009

Dr. Charles Sylvester is professor emeritus of recreation at Western Washington University

Gael Tarleton is a member of the Washington State House of Representatives and former Pentagon analyst and Seattle Port Commissioner

Derek Tenant is a trained facilitator for the Pachamama Alliance's Awakening the Dreamer symposium. He was a volunteer firefighter and also works with FEMA

Dr. Hoai Huong Tran is a writer currently working on her first novel. In her day job, she is director of business development and marketing manager at a small patent agency

Natalie Velush-Singer is the editor of ParentMap magazine

Dr. Marilyn Watkins is Policy Director at the Economic Opportunity Institute, a nonprofit policy center that focuses on economic security for working people and families

Karin de Weille is a literary scholar and writer currently teaching creative writing in Seattle. Part of her research involves the revision of our concepts of time and space

Ashley Whillans is a PhD student and member of the Public Scholar Initiative at the University of British Columbia, where she studies time, money, and happiness

Maureen Wilt* teaches in the School of Social Work at the University of Central Missouri and organizes the annual Take Back Your Time Day on campus

Gregory Wright* is a writer and activist in Los Angeles and a Take Back Your Time board member (and, as such, is Wright on Time)

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