Understanding Vacation Habits and Their Impact on Health and Happiness

Prepared by Nielsen Consumer Research

This survey consisted of 2,068 adults aged 25 years and older with an annual household income of at least $35K, balanced by key demographic indicators including age, gender and income.

People's Vacation Habits

  • 52% of people did NOT take all their paid vacation days in the past year, leaving an average of 7.2 days unused
  • 54% didn't take vacation time because they save them for an emergency
  • 27% of people have cut down on their vacation time than they did 5 years ago
  • 71% of people expect to take the same amount of vacation days this coming year compared to last
  • 34% of people never take vacations with their family
  • 23% of people did not take a vacation in the past 12 months

People's Perception of Vacation

  • 74% believe vacations are important in their life
  • 78% who take vacations at least one a year are happier and more satisfied with their lives
  • 71% of people were more satisfied at work when they regularly took a vacation
  • 88% feel vacations are important for rest and relaxation
  • 58% feel vacations improve health & well-being
  • 61% of people in relationships believe that vacations with their partners are important to maintaining a strong and healthy relationship
  • 69% of people in relationships say that their partner would prefer to receive a trip with them as a gift as opposed to a material item 16%
  • Of those who vacation at least once a year, 86% have a strong bond with their family